ObettOnline (The Wheel On The Heel)



Until RED in the EYES OF THE MAN.

Ups of the world; Aches of the man!

Downs of the man; One of a kind!

Man race; 



This wheel is real!

This wheel is still!

This wheel is slow & snail!

Yes and yes again!

This wheel is the Wheel of death!

This wheel is the Wheel of Fortune!

This wheel is the Wheel of life!


These so wheels of man race are right now;

On The Heels Of Life!

On The Heels Of Fortune!

On The Heels Of Death!

Yes and yes again!

Right then “on the Heels of…”


Right till now, even till end, “on the Heels of…”


And so… Dad said to me. A minute later, he continued…

When I was 12, my Dad who thought to have lived in the world of poverty & potency got to the HOLLOW DEEP of all men when THE WHEEL OF DEATH turned right on point, got the fame of all fame in the land of men upon men when THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE turned right on point, lived all sort of life both of the rich and of the poor before death during his lifetime; wheeling days of THE WHEEL OF LIFE: 

Thus, my life, really “ON THE HEELS OF…”  So dad said. “THE WHEEL ON THE HEEL…”  so i said and Just then, I WOKE UP!


For we the man of the earth is like a sculptural artwork of the sculptor; the creator who in his image made manifest his superior yet, out of sight artwork because to his only work is made a living breath.

However, in he the created abides the responsibility to take shape, take form, take frame and live a life of Riley since he the SUPREME not only provide for his sculptures shield and shelter but liberty and freedom as he set forth our lives even on THE WHEEL OF DEATH, the wheel whose real, still and slow rotation either make you or mar you cos’ we either wheel it or it wheel us.

circularly, the wheel of death is that wheel whose HOLLOW is larger than a person, attached to and suspended from an axle and inside of which an ARTIST performs.

Yes and yes again!

For we the man of the earth, the sculptural artwork  of a supreme sculptor are also in we artists before the creator who not only made us in his statue but also threw us in a HOLLOW DEEP whose content  in context guarantee greatness in our sculptural journey yet; of poor thing when the wheels of the hollow wheel wheel you.

Yes and yes again!

Since conception, this HOLLOW we have lived in.

Since conception, this HOLLOW we are living.

Since conception, this HOLLOW we shall die in!

But to thee that take to instructions  shall live like the living there in…

But to thee that take to takings shall live like the living there in…

But to thee that take to the WORD shall live like the living there in…

For the WORD is not only thy costume for greater artistic performance but the only true light upon this shallow deep we reign in,

the only true light upon this shallow deep we live in,

the only but only true light upon this shallow deep we die in: the world; THE SHALLOW DEEP OF THE ARTISTS!

And until you know the truth there in:

the darks of the shallow, 

the quirks of the shallow, 

the strikes of the shallow,

the kicks of the shallow,

the ups and downs of the shallow,

the downs and ups of the shallow,

The trials and temptations of the NATUREral world would never let your artist perform.

Would never let your artist be happy.

Would never let your art made known cos to test much thy fortitude, determination, resilience, persistence and patience is thus a big part of the shallow deep as just thence are made known the quality artists who represent well the work of the supreme sculptor yet, replicate and reproduce the will of the supreme.

And it’s of thee who know well the TRUTH,

Who know well the WORD, has just the only true light upon the shallow deep of insanity which upon, ACTS the artists; the marvelous sculpture of a SUPREME SCULPTOR who in his infinite Mercy threw man unto yet; THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.


mythically, this is a wheel whose turns, which are random, determine men’s fortunes.  

Yes, it’s a myth. but remember, a myth is a kind of  match cos there is never a myth with none of fact or experience.

Why then the hassle?

Why then the rassle?

Why then the impatience?

Why then the weaknesses???

Or do you not know that 👇👇👇


until an artist acts not,

Just Until an artist FAILS TO STREET shall there never be Grace.

Grace for upliftment,

Grace for WIRE WIRE,

Grace for WEAL and WEALTH, FAME and NAME.

Remember, though unto “all living man” is made manifest grace, but unto “all man living” is made manifest supper Grace.

Yes and yes again!

A man living is a man in seek of the WORD,

A man living is a man in Chase of the TRUTH,

A man living is a man in quest for knowledge, wisdom and understanding upon which, suits best human survival and arrival in THE WHEEL OF LIFE.


Religiously, the wheel of life is a  MANDELA, representing the continuous cycle of birth, life and death.


if there has never been a continuous cycle of BIRTH, you wouldn’t have been conceived!

If there is  never been a continuous cycle of LIFE, we wouldn’t have existed yet, 

If there has never been a continuous cycle of DEATH, we wouldn’t have had life.

And as such, to he who know we have limited time of performance, and as well, 

not as much time for foolishness,

not as much time for  worries,

not as much time for waywardness, hackens thus to the reality in virtuality,

Hackens thus to the word; Truth; The light upon the shallow deep: the deep upon which wisdom and understanding conquereth most, best and even.

For in Truth and sincerity lay the principles of the word and to he and he alone that obey them is seen light for survival in this terrible shallow deep of the ART MEN.

And we know that, not👇👇👇




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